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A Life of Dedication

The Light Horse and Field Artillery Museum currently located in 200 Bessie Creek Road Nar Nar Goon (but closed to the public), represents the life’s work and dedication of Bernie Dingle the founder, curator, conservator, passionate historian, wheelwright and safe keeper of all things that acknowledge the sacrifice of those who served so bravely in World War 1. So many of these items were destined for the rubbish dump before finding their way to Bernie Dingle. Many other items have been purchased or passed on in sacred trust.

Bernie together with his wife Frances have also uniquely honoured the service of the countless animals that served human kind during war.

After some years of negotiations with local authorities, the Light Horse & Field Artillery Museum is in a situation where it needs to build a purpose built facility in order to re-open to the public and continue the work in sharing not only the history of our ANZAC forebears but history from multiple conflicts dating back thousands of years and the animals that had no choice.

Raised funds will be used to prepare a new site and build a new purpose built facility of national significance to help bring the museum onto the world stage. A large museum space of almost 1000m2 will comprise exhibits from many conflicts and provide an immersive experience for its visitors.

A BBQ area will also be integrated into the build for future goals such as a meeting location for the local RSL, a men's shed, and a contact centre for returned servicemen and women living with PTSD.

We believe this is a 1 to 2 year project with a build time of approximately 3 to 6 months. 

Your support will allow us to continue teaching and sharing to all generations about military history so that it is not lost forever.

Our hearts are moved by every story that people share with us whether we are at a display or conducting a tour.  We have the great fortune of people sharing with us memories and equipment brought home by family members long gone who served.

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